You so totally deserve these three things in 2018

From a shopping trip to Target the other day.




  • Be free.
  • Be real.
  • Be you.

You so totally deserve to be.


PS. 163.0/8.0 (first morning back in Orlando and access to weight scale)

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Dear Perfection

This is no laughing matter…

We are not interested in the perfect body, perfect weight, perfect size. We just want to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat sensibly and get adequate rest.

If food is fuel, not medication, then exercise ought to be welcomed, not avoided.

None of this is easy. Recall yesterday, you didn’t feel like running? Day before that, too tired for the gym?

But you did them anyway. Sometimes it’ll feel like work. Get used to it.

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Authenticity, Scene 2 of 5

Continued from Mid Life Celebration…those 20,000 bookmarks create a new global, “Continental” opportunity…

Please don’t misinterpret what I write. I use strong language and set very high expectations…for myself. None of which is advice nor a recommendation for anyone else, except our son.

Plus, the written word is soooo easily taken out of context. Dangerous territory, because I could be upsetting some of you without ever meaning to.

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