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Glacier National Park
GNP. Lake McDonald.

When, and how often should we indulge in self-reflection?


Every person who walks in peace and with contentment, has been to hell and back (more than once), and now over-focuses on the same things others under-focus on or ignore.


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Intentionally use your expert knowledge to your advantage

Map My Run screen shot jeff noel
Yesterday, April 18, 2015.


Yesterday’s 90-minute run became a 90-minute walk instead.

Was comfortable making the change without guilt for three solid reasons:.

  1. Tired from being up late from the Jimmy Buffett concert
  2. The subtropical heat from starting the activity later than normal
  3. The quality of the previous three outings, including a great 5k race and a six-minute time trial.

Know thyself.

And intentionally use that expert knowledge to your advantage.

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