Dear Son

Be physically amazed and amazing today

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Disney Keynote Speakers rock.


Be physically amazed and amazing today.


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Maybe It's Impossible

Truth doesn’t care if we believe it

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Photo & art: Pati Hyun.


What we accept by default becomes our standard.

This is true whether we believe it or not.

And truth doesn’t care what we believe.

Truth leaves it up to us to care.

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Impossible Is For Amateurs

Here’s what’s amazing about quitting

This is really funny… until it isn’t. Ha!

exercise jokes

Here’s what’s amazing about quitting. It’s amazing how far we can go when we refuse to do it.

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Health Is Wealth


It was April, warm, humid, and exciting. There must have been 1,000 runners from all walks of life. A live band. Chick-fil-A was giving away breakfast. Unbelievable.

The coolest part? Never knew 5k race results were awarded in age-groups. Who knew? It was so cool to not be last in my age group.

This made me want to try again next month.

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