Back to 100 feet above sea level

sidewalk adjacent to Tibet Butler Nature Preserve.
jeff noel’s world class track & field training facility


Back to 100 feet above sea level.

Last week in Denver it was nice to simply run slow and enjoy the new scenery.

No intervals. No gym. No pushing the pace or heart rate.

But back behind Disney’s Magic Kingdom, all that changes in an hour.

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Rocky Mountain High (again)

Disney Wellness Keynote Speaker
It’s a 5k from hotel to here.


Rocky Mountain High (again).

A last minute email from a Copyblogger Exec carried an invitation to breakfast. This was a golden opportunity.

But to take it would mean no run.

Declined the offer.

Hated to do it, yet the decision was easy.

The run was cut short at 9.5 miles due to an early start at Ellie Caulkins and a late start from the hotel.

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