Allergic to most pollens and mediocrity

bicycle plates
Allergic to holding onto things that are no longer useful. These dishes where the first ones we purchased as newlyweds, inspired by our bicycle honeymoon trip. They are neither dishwasher nor microwavable safe.

Allergic to most pollens and mediocrity.

Allergies complicate breathing.

Breathing is an all day, everyday activity. Duh. Right, but think about having breathing challenges and trying to do cardio.

Mediocrity complicates everything.

How’s your health?



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Besides diet and exercise

allergy prescription
You never hear me talk about my allergies.


Besides diet and exercise” is a blog post category i use to help readers (including me) if they want to explore or search for something specific.

i rarely (never?) talk about how debilitating allergies used to be until i finally stopped taking seasonal over-the-counter medicine.

Since 2002 i’ve been getting three monthly allergy shots.

Three shots are required because i’m allergic to so many things, one (or even two) vials of medicine aren’t enough to hold the quantity i need.

Additionally, daily prescription nasal spray has also been a 15-year daily commitment.

Note: the first year shots were weekly for six months, then bi-weekly, then every three weeks, until, after a year, i reached a maintenance schedule of once-a-month.


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This website is about our BODY. To read today’s post about our SPIRIT, click here.

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Untreated allergies makes it challenging to thrive

Equate allergy relief medicine package


BFO (blinding flash of the obvious)… Staying motivated looks easy for motivated people. It’s not. Not until an object gets in, and stays in, motion. We build our reputation based on one of two things:

  1. Excuses
  2. Tenacity

i get two monthly allergy injections, one in each arm. But (a long list of excuses reasons) i stopped getting allergy injections nearly a year ago.

Discovered yesterday that my last injections were March 2015. Today is Feb 4, 2016.

Seeing Doctor Bagg today to get back up the horse.

i was so consistent for perhaps 10 years.

i thought i had licked my allergies.

Big mistake.

My allergies to plants, pollens, certain foods, as well as a few miscellaneous items like dust mites, are debilitating.

i forget this fact.

Now it’s back to weekly injections. Yes, weekly. And i need three shots instead of two – allergic to more than before.

It takes close to a year to build up to monthly maintenance shots.

Live and learn.




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Ok, The One With The Most Excuses Wins And Can Quit

For the ones that make it look easy, it’s not. jeff noel is amazed oxygen reaches his brain.

I’m allergic to about 50 things. Every plant that is green. Food. Dust. Dogs. Temperature changes. So along with weekly injections in both arms, I get to use morning and evening nasal sprays.

Think this makes running harder? Impossible is for amateurs. Go!

Are you leaning on some excuses that are holding you back?

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