Our resting heart rate is probably tied to our body weight

Disney wellness speaker
yesterday morning sitting on the couch.


The photo above captured yesterday’s mid-morning heartrate. It was an Apple Watch prompt to take a minute to “breathe”. So i did. Haven’t run in months.

A few minutes ago, i got a verbal agreement that Easter 2017 is the beginning of a new life.

Not to lose weight, but to become more active.

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Dear Son, here’s what happens when we don’t pick

Running quote
From Facebook, I Like Running.


Dear Son, here’s what happens when we don’t pick. Life picks for us.

Pick anything you like, just be sure to pick.

Even when we choose not to decide, we still have made a choice.




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It has to make sense to you or you will fail

Map My Run screen shot
Find an activity that makes sense for you. It does not have to be running.


Accept this fact: we will struggle, and we will find joy.

Wasn’t planning on logging a half-marathon yesterday. And it wasn’t a struggle. It just happened. Drenched in sweat for two-plus hours, it was joy.

There’s a big difference between struggling and failing.

Struggling comes with the territory.

The goal is to not fail.

For a lifetime.

Go. Move. Do something that makes sense to you.

Expect struggles to ebb and flow.

Expect this to last a lifetime.

The only way to fail is to not accept a lifetime of struggle.

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Exercise like you mean it means a victory over this

West Orange High School 9th grade center
West Orange High School is Orange County’s largest.


West Orange High School 9th grade center


(The 40 classrooms are only for the ninth grade center – somewhere between 1,300 and 1,400 ninth graders.)

Exercising like you mean it means a victory over this:

It means a victory over having inactivity being our lifetime habit.

Inactivity must be replaced with it’s opposite, activity.

Why does it seem like the obvious choice isn’t obvious?

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