Walking home from the gym and a car accident

Car accident
Walking home from gym yesterday, 9am.
Car accident
Seemed under control so i walked over. i walk left at the curve to continue home but i went over check it out.
Car accident
The driver is to my right, out of photo on purpose. He fell asleep. He drove past his home which was just 200 meters away from the curve. He was uninjured.

Walking home from the gym and a car accident. The driver was asleep as he passed his home on the straight residential road.

He awoke at the curve but it was too late to navigate the curve.

We both reflected on how he was lucky to not have been on the Interstate where he had been 15 minutes prior.

He could have died.

Might have taken a few lives with him.

In the blink of an eye.

What’s a much slower potential disaster is the long-term effect of not exercising, not habitually resting adequately, nor getting balanced nutrition.

It’s a slow death i reckon.

No one notices. 

It’s the American way.

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Hit by a Jeep yesterday (Reprise)…

Google screen shot
Google ‘why’ – it’s not too revealing. Why?


If there’s one thing we’d pass on to our kids, nephews and nieces, it’s that regret sucks.

Big time.

Was hit by a Jeep yesterday morning at an intersection while running. One stride ahead of what would have been serious injury, not excluding death.

Easy to talk about it now because it was a narrow miss. The sudden impact was only enough to twist a knee and be thrown off balance.

Should the worst arrive without warning, solace has been gloriously, and quietly, earned by finally fulfilling a 30+ year old promise to ‘write a book for our kids’.

It’s ok to not be satisfied.

And chase after that crazy dream you have.

You know the one.

The one you’ve always had.

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Hit by a Jeep yesterday while running

Rare Florida wildflower
Just north of this rare Florida wildflower was an amazingly close call with serious injury/death


Hit by a Jeep yesterday while running.

Lucky to be alive.

For real.

One stride difference would have been a very different outcome.

Other than that, it was a good five mile run.

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Stay safe, have fun applies to more than Masters competitions

knee pain
walking out to the car after a full day


Stay safe, have fun applies to more than Masters competitions. Injured my right knee at Epcot, simply bending down to pick up a piece of trash. For real.

Thought nothing of it really. Sure, definitely felt a sharp pain, but really, it was a simple bending motion to do what I do all day long when I’m at work.

How could it be serious?

Click wellness challenge to hear the boring details.

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Insight: Being in great physical condition makes these types of injuries less frequent and less severe if, or when, they happen.