Comeback 2015

2015 Masters Track & Field Outdoor National Championships

2015 Masters Track M55 800 athlete's shoes
Nine Men’s 55-59 age group 800m runners.


Masters Track M55 athlete's shoes
Always taking photos.


iPhone stopwatch screen shot
My handheld time, screen shot. Official time was 2:41.74


Day one of the¬†2015 Masters Track & Field Outdoor National Championships were held yesterday. Here’s the M55 800 meter race on video.

Nine runners. i was planning on being last. Mission accomplished.

Was there triumph in being last? Yes, the fact there was no calf or ankle pain.

Reminder, the front runners are our Nation’s best 800 meter runners. Had they not be so remarkably fast, i wouldn’t have looked so remarkably slow.

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Comeback 2013

My health prediction was spot on

Florida Masters runner Charles Williams
Nudged Charles at the finish line by .02 of a second


My health prediction was spot on. Three weeks ago this post predicted that I either lost or won by a couple hundredths of a second.

Didin’t check the official results until last night.

Freaky how expert we become when we invest thousands of hours into something.

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