This Is The Healthiest

Do something. Just get moving. Walk for goodness sake…

Who needs a hug? A common saying when people seem down. “Who needs a wake up call?” – jeff noel’s saying when taking health for granted.

The healthiest you’ll ever be is right here, right now. There. That’s your wake up call. No charge.

If you aren’t engaged in staying active, this is the healthiest you’ll ever be. Say good bye to it. Or not. Put up or shut up.

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  1. I represented our group of stores at a health fair in Atlanta today. They came around each booth interviewing the vendors asking us to answer one question. Our answers were broadcast throughout the hall over their system.

    My question dealt with how to take care of our bodies as we get older.

    I told everyone to keep moving.

    The room erupted in applause!

  2. It was their BFO.

    Speaking of which, did you see the recent report that NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is moving to have car manufacturers reduce or eliminate blind spots on vehicles by 2014?

    Too bad there isn’t a human governing body that would eliminate our blind spots!

  3. In a weird and unlikely sort of way, that’s my big, hairy, audacious goal: To teach kids, beginning at the same time we start teaching them to read, talk, etc – we start teaching personal responsibility.

    Animals do this in the wild. It’s called the necessity to survive.

    Perhaps in Humans, it’s the necessity to thrive.

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