National Running Day

Slow And Steady Wins Life's Race
Slow And Steady Wins Life's Race

Today is National Running Day. Who knew? As a runner, I had never heard of it. Showed up on Facebook this morning. Many people say things like, “I hate running”, or “I’ve never been a runner”.

Given a choice, it would almost seem like many would also add, “I hate walking”, or “I’ve never liked walking”.

And it doesn’t stop there, it continues with, “I hate vegetables”, or “I’ve never liked vegetables”.


By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    You are making a good point, whether intentional or not. But there is either a negative or rebellious streak in a lot of people (maybe a sin nature, possibly). We even see it with kids…just try getting to eat something that we know is good for them, but it wasn’t their idea. It is a rebellious heart…and a hard thing for people to deal with. Flash-forward to adulthood, and instead of it being foods, it can be exercise, work, etc. If someone is told to do something, they will more than likely reject it unless it is their idea. Stubbornness.

    When I used to teach math, I had students in there that hated math, not because they didn’t understand what I was saying, but because they “had never liked math” or “had never been good at math.” Some even went with the DNA excuse – “My parents weren’t good at math, and I am not either.” So I had to find a way to let them experience success for themselves instead of me telling them, “You will learn this.”


  2. Thanks for adding to the discussion Bob.
    No matter the reason why we choose to not do something, ultimately, when we become adults, we CAN (and should be smart enough) choose to do the common sense things, like walk, bike, swim or run (etc), balance our check book, spend less than we earn, eat a variety of fruits & vegetables, read, watch and say good things.
    Call me crazy, but I believe simply being a good and decent person is a noble ambition.

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