He’s Athletic

Staying Healthy Isn't A Spectator Sport
Staying Healthy Isn't A Spectator Sport

“Just look at Jeff, he’s athletic”, my friend said to the others, just two days ago.

And they believed him. You could just tell they did.

I almost blurted out something in anger.


Because 50-years olds aren’t athletic.

But when middle-aged people, men or women, exercise regularly, and with more than a casual approach to exercise and health, well guess what?

They look athletic. Eventually.  Say, after a decade.

But no one wants to wait that long, so they either:

  1. Never start
  2. Quit too soon

Remember, the long way is the short cut.

By jeff noel

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  1. I got my numbers yesterday…not horrible but too high for my liking.

    Know your numbers. Manage your numbers. They’re easier to manage than your checkbook. But you have to know them first.

    I am athletic (still play tennis, golf, lacrosse, softball, basketball, etc.) but am woefully out of shape…at least compared to condition 25 years ago.

  2. Get my girlish figure back of course…and forever of course.

    Went for a short run last night and tonight. Its amazing how quickly you can lose it and how long it takes to get it back.

    I’ve literally run thousands of miles in my life and the last 4 fealt like it was the first 4…painful but worth it.

    Carpe Diem

  3. Skip, what if, instead of your girlish figure, you thought of your “comeback” in terms of showing your daughters that getting older doesn’t mean we have to compromise an active, healthy lifestyle?

    That getting older isn’t a jail sentence to ill-health.

    Do you want your daughters and your grandchildren to be unhealthy when they get older?

    What will motivate them to “break the cycle” and be the change, if you can’t, or won’t, do it?

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