Expect To Fail


You should plan to fail.  It’s in your nature to fail.

Think about learning to walk as a toddler.  You constantly failed. Over, and over, and over.

So what?  Did it stop you?

You were determined – nothing would stop you from learning to walk. You had to learn, if you wanted to be like the others around you – everywhere you looked, people were walking.

So what?  So what is stopping you from applying that same desire and determination to get and stay healthy?

Everywhere you look people are getting and staying in ill health – a ticking time bomb so to speak.

The best health care reform our country can implement starts with you.

Quit complaining about our Government not doing this or not doing that.

Go look in the mirror and hold yourself to the same level of expectation.


Expect to fail.

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  1. Yesterday, listening to a middle-aged, overweight smoker complain about health care fired me up they saw the plank in another’s eye, but not their own.

  2. “Go look in the mirror and hold yourself to the same level of expectation.

    Ignore the voice in your head that screams, “QUIT”!

  3. Yes, quitting is quite the temptation.
    Try to imagine our world if all the people who did helpful, meaningful things would have quit:
    Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, The North (Yankees), George Washington, a soldier in Vietnam or Iraq, you.

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