Being tired increases the odds for a poor side effect

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Busy, fast-paced, pressure-filled days are the standard.


Being tired increases the odds for a poor side effect – being irritable and impatient.

We don’t need to be tired to act this way, but it sure accelerates the symptoms.

Exhaustion is a heavy burden to carry.

It’s not fair.

At all.

Figure it out.

We know this.

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By jeff noel

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  1. One thing I knew but didn’t fully appreciate is that rest plays a huge part in the recovery process. Mentally, physically and emotionally . . . without rest, the brain and the body cannot properly regenerate.

    Our heart only has so many beats before it gives out. Such a shame to use them all up before we’ve completed our mission. 🙂

  2. It was a cooking demonstration that hit me the right way. I’ve heard it for years (I have a love affair with food) but it didn’t resonate until now.

    When making bread, there is a time when you mix all the ingredients together and . . . you let it rest so it can rise.

    If you are constantly working the dough, it will never rise. It will rise a little when heat is applied, but the volume will be greater when the yeast is allowed to do the work it is designed to do. And to do it right, it must rest. 🙂

  3. David, love your revelation story.

    Second, having a dream where one day you talk about your love affair with nutrition (versus an affair with food).

    It can happen.

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