We must be our own primary physician

Looking out a Delta jet window at de-icing truck
There are some things that others are in charge of, and we have no control whatsoever.


We must be our own primary physician.

Seriously, who else is in charge of our health?

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  1. But are we smart enough to prescribe the necessary treatment? No . . . not smart . . . maybe wise would be a better word . . .

    I often ask my foreign-born customers who are searching for help in conquering weight gain, what has changed since coming to the US? The first thing most of them say is their diet. And that while they may come from a developed country, they don’t turn to medicine as quickly as we do. Food is often the first line of defense. 🙂

  2. David, we reap what we sow.
    Hand pull any weeds from our garden versus using pesticides. No?
    Thanks for reading and for commenting.

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