Walk, Uber, walk, Uber

Back of credit card
This tactic requires the card holder to present a photo ID. At the Post Office, a signature trumps a picture.


Walked two miles to Post Office.

Uber four miles for lunch.

Walk 1.5 miles to and through Muhlenberg College.

Uber three miles back to Nursing Home.

Uber is redefining a taxi company. We had two super enjoyable, easy and efficient experiences.

The Post Office wouldn’t accept my credit card unless i signed it. Using self-control, i didn’t say a word and simply paid nine dollars cash.

Do old organizations and old people focus on fear and just accept mediocrity as their only choice? If you’re older than 30 and you are not exercising regularly, can’t touch your toes, and always take an elevator, maybe you still can change.

PS. You can. But will you?

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