I feel alone when wondering if exercise should last a lifetime

Stuffed animals need no exercise
Stuffed animals need no exercise

Am I missing something? No, seriously. Is exercise some stupid concept that only a select few make a habit for life?

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  1. When people think of exercising for their whole life, a lifetime, they get derailed by the magnitude of that commitment. What they don’t realize is they only have to be that committed for one day, at a time. Just do it today and recommit tomorrow; repeat.

  2. Patty, the thought of getting derailed is interesting.
    Do we get derailed at the thought of loving our children for a lifetime?
    Will have to think about your perspective for awhile.

  3. I consider exercise to be in the same category as other body hygiene habits. Probably nobody literally makes a lifelong “front of the brain” commitment to brush their teeth or shower — we just do it because its good for our bodies. Commitment sounds serious, even scary to some of us. But caring for ourselves should be a natural response to living in a body.

  4. Natalie, great insight. Our body is the temple housing everything that keeps us alive.
    Our mind is the temple that thinks every thought we’ll ever think, and every solution we’ll ever need.
    Our spirit provides every comfort we’ll ever need, every hope we’ll ever hope for.
    We are the stewards of only one person. Until we succeed there, we can not hope to have positive influence on another.

  5. Interesting conversation and insight; amazing. My commitment to my children far out weighs my commitment to exercise. And I see that in many aspects of my life. But knowing exercise is important I’m one of those people that has to take it a day at a time. I have to tell myself to just do it, for me and for my children. For without my health I won’t be any good to them.

  6. Patty, how does your commitment to their spiritual development compare with your commitment to being their mother?

  7. Patty, our body is the temple God gave us to spread His word… we are His hands and feet. Society often takes our physical health for granted… meaning we abandon the need to be a good (great) steward, mostly because it’s work.

    It takes a moment to become a Christian, a lifetime to become like Christ… this is hard work. I often wonder how many (and even question myself) actually work hard at it.

    Once a week (or less) at Church is not working hard… imho.

  8. Patty, Church… it’s a physical place and a psychological place. It goes with us everywhere we go, imho.

    The physical place is the mothership, the oasis.

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