But, But, But….But Walking Is Too Boring

Even donuts can become boring. (Los Angeles)

Few things in life don’t have a boredom factor. Hell yeah walking can be boring. That’s our job to figure out how to make it not.

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By jeff noel

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  1. But, but, but walking is so interesting. All the things and possibly people you will see. Flowers, birds, reptiles… Maybe even a four legged mammal or two. Blue skies, building clouds. Owl pellets full of mouse bones. Neighbors and friends also out enjoying the warming days of pending spring. Then mid summer wild blueberries and blackberries ripening along the way.

    When out walking life is a buffet of the senses.

  2. Boring or interesting….it’s all just a state of mind which we can completely control. Just wanted to let you know, jeff noel, that I am still training for that 5K on April 1st and had a personal best time yesterday! Thanks so much for all the motivationals…

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