Thank goodness for our body’s ability to heal itself

Disney cleanliness
all Cast Members are taught to keep the place as clean as you can keep it


Thank goodness for our body’s ability to heal itself. Dr Farro said my knee’s Patellar tendon will heal itself. A small tear in a very fibrous tendon. Brought on simply from doing the Disney scoop while walking along Epcot’s World Showcase promenade.

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  1. Recovery starts with being very careful to avoid strenuous movements. Taking it easier. Can still run, just need to dial it down some.

    Basically to let nature, and the miracle of our human body, do it’s thing.

  2. I was out walking this morning and wondered how your knee was doing. I’m really glad it’s not too serious and that the miracle of healing will happen for you. Take care and consider getting one of those grabbers for picking up trash….. 😀

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