Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy at Massage Envy (ME).

ME has a new meaning based on yesterday’s 90-minute therapy session.

It dawned on me yesterday that the reason for the two to three massages a month is because of ME.

ME…Massage Extravagance.

Meanwhile there is continued daily bombing of Ukraine, a rising civilian death toll and an astronomically insane refugee count (over 3-million and growing).

It is easy to feel guilt and embarrassment during the physical therapy sessions.

But then the ME (massage extravagance) reality that ME (Massage Envy) was inappropriately charging me every month for 24 months.

What began months ago, well before any sign of war, was just a guy trying to use up the two-year’s worth of credits that ME refused to refund – not even refund half.

Been in and out of running (slowly) pain-free. When a pain flareup happens, Michelle does her therapy magic on the hot spot. So far it’s working.

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