In the waiting, something magical amidst the doubt and worry

Photo of hernia repair bill totaling almost $20k
Double Inguinal Hernia repair surgery just under $20k


Two months is a long time to not exercise.

And in the waiting, something magical amidst the doubt and worry.

The years of constant tending.

The years of finding a way.

The years of not quitting.

The years of overcoming.

The years of changing.

The years of feeling great.

Then the two months of long, long days. Roller coaster days. Questioning days.

The awakening.

The gratitude.

The privilege.

The anticipation.

And yesterday…

A glorious return.

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  1. I remember your return. It was a glorious day.

    When we can’t conduct our lives as we are accustomed we realize the daily blessings we could take for granted. Some might view exercise as a burden or chore. But ask a person unable to move, what would they give to go for a simple walk?

  2. Patty, guilt follows the blessings… until an honest inventory of the effort is calculated.

    And then, humility.

    Making things look easy, or appearing gifted, is the cross some have to bear.

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