We can not change others, but we can do this

childhood wellness
maybe the clues and instructions are in this book?

Ever wonder about midlife adults, parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles? Ever wonder why they don’t become wellness role models? Is it because they use excuses? Excuses like “My example won’t make someone else change”.

This could be the most deceptive, and despicable, form of codependency ever. What if we exercised regularly, ate right, and rested well – no matter what others did?

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  1. I must say the line, “The only person you can change (control) is yourself,” at least once a week to someone, family member, friend, acquaintance, client. And to myself, I say it daily.

  2. Patty, I believe we must do what is fundamentally important, no matter what others think or do – or don’t think or don’t do. Pray, read, study, volunteer, save, donate, lead, follow, write, think, stay positive, and on and on.

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