To thine own self be true

Harley-Davidson and the American flag
Harley-Davidson and the American flag
Harley-Davidson has a vibe that confronts the status quo

To thine own self be true. But not only to yourself, but first to yourself. You are glorious and deserving, even if you’ve spent a lifetime being told and believing otherwise. I know, I’ve been there. But decided to leave it behind, one day at a time.

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  1. The scenario has been weighing heavy. Though blogging helps to put the facts on the table, sort positive from negative, then move forward. Baby steps is still forward.

  2. Patty, the reality is life is hard for everyone. No exceptions. This is what I’ve come to observe.

    Our only choice is to keep moving forward, even if we get pushed back, washed back, fall back, stumble, stop, hurt…

    No matter what. We must carry our cross(es). This is a personal view and not based on anything but a strong opinion (conviction).

    Hang in there and progress is progress. Even baby steps. They add up.

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