Running update from America’s unheralded work life balance expert

if you don't drive yourself to keep going, it ain't gonna happen

Running update from America’s unheralded work life balance expert. And by the way, do you keep yourself up to date on your progress? You do have a goal(s), right?

Can’t imagine making, or measuring, progress without a goal. Mine is to make it to Lane 8.

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PS. Sure, Lane 8 is a metaphor. A very important one too.

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  1. In working towards balance this morning I need to scale back my exercise in order to used my very productive before work time on finishing a project that hasn’t been touched in weeks. I will exercise, but it will be a shorter day. Balance. Give and take.

  2. Patty, and so it goes. Shout for joy that you are consciously making this choice. The very fact that you are conscious of the give and take makes you a victor when someone less aware would see it as defeat.

    I didn’t run Monday, but wanted to. Didn’t run yesterday, but wanted to. Might not today either… Long days, competing priorities… but I know that a run is coming, because it’s impossible to quit.

    Have an amazing day and god luck on your project.

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