Running update at Mid Life Celebration

work at Disney World
upper left, Cinderella Castle....middle left, my white 1990 Camry.. north end of town

Try to forget I’m talking about running and listen closely to the real purpose of the message. You do know there’s a purpose to what could sound like self-indulgence, right?

Running update at Mid Life Celebration. Ran a 5:50 mile yesterday morning, with splits of 2:56 and 2:54. And did this without having to bend over as if I was about to collapse.

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PS. Of course you have to figure the meaning out. If I tell you, you’ll never remember. If you figure it out, you’ll never forget.

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  1. 54:08.

    That’s the time of my first 5K. That’s the time I must beat.

    I have registered for my second one two years after the first. I should be able to catch you in about 10 years. 🙂

  2. David, a couple thoughts. Hallelujah! You are still moving forward, even if two years have gone by. This is big! Don’t forget that.

    You’ve found your carrot – beat the time you accomplished before.

    Our carrots may change, and that’s actually a key piece for most people, but they can never disappear.

    Walk, jog, run, and rock on with your bad self. Proud of you dude!

  3. Craig, exactly. The goal is to always be active. Times, finishing places are irrelevant. They can be relevant if you want them to. But for sure they don’t need to be.

    To you both, keep moving forward.

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