1. I started jogging one minute three times a day. Now I’m jogging, as of today, 25 minutes twice a day. Thank you lane8 for your inspiration.

  2. Patty, what a difference. Proof that starting small and taking your time can yield “impossible” results. Congratulations.

  3. It started by becoming a vegetarian. It wasn’t the goal it just sort of happened. I had wanted to cut down on the amount of animal products I was eating in order to lower my cholesterol, decrease blood pressure and lose weight.

    And it inspired a new goal and a new blog – lose 50 pounds by the time I turn 50.

  4. Patty, and David, it’s a challenge/opportunity looking at it from the outside. The thought of 10 years down the road… will the positive changes you’re making and have stuck with – and the amazing results in your overall wellbeing – will your new lifestyle influence those around you so only one meal is cooked?

  5. David, your goal is a great tag line or mantra. These are little things that actually cement the vision of why, what, how, where, when, etc.

    But at the end of the day, nothing replace slow and steady action. Nothing. The long way is the short cut. Go David, go!

  6. Not yet Patty. I would love for them to be but I’m not going to push them. I hope to set an example in such a way that they are compelled to make any necessary changes. 🙂

  7. David, it’s more semantics, I think, than anything. Are you hoping to set the example or hoping for them to change?

    I no longer hope to change. My language must be such that there is no doubt. For example, we can’t hope to win the war on terrorism. We MUST win.

    Make sense now?

    Second, yes, hope they will follow the lead you set. You can’t make them change. You can only hope.

    If you do what you say you’re going to do, odds increase exponentially… over a long time.

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