I Only Preach What I Know And I Only Know What I Study, Discern And Practice

Insanity, PX90, crash courses. Unsustainable. An alternative involves your deep belief in your worth and your creativity to stay motivated. Like yesterday:

Track Shack’s 20th Watermelon 5k had 31,00 runners/walkers. Aimed for a sub 22:00.

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  1. Thanks Patty, it surprised the heck out of me. At The 2-mile mark, the thought of walking a bit was looking pretty reasonable.

  2. Thanks David. The 2-mile mark was 13:40 and should have been 14:10. The 2nd mile was 6:35 – way too fast for a “fun run”.

    I couldn’t understand why I was thinking walking would help this early in the game. Usually happens between the 2.5 and 3.1 mile section.

    Anyway, I jogged slowly, backwards, for 45 seconds and then ran a great last mile. 🙂

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