Here’s a wellness motivation tip we’ve never heard before

The book Assholes, in airport bookstand
Give ourselves a break please, or this could be the title of our autobiography, no?


Here’s a wellness motivation tip we’ve never heard before.

We are the only one who’s experienced every failure we’ve ever had.

Same with all our successes. And there have been many, if we subtract out the let-downs.

Focus on our shining moments. Live there. Bask there.

Move forward in that vehicle.



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  1. Good morning from workout day #2!
    Until Saturday, it was a year since formal exercise. Working in the early morning thing now.
    God Bless You Brother!

  2. Thank you Craig. Glad you haven’t given up. Happy to hear you’ve begun again. Eventually, one of these (decent chance it may or may not be this one) efforts will be the one that sticks for a lifetime.

    One day at a time my friend.

    Keep me posted.

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