Are You Ready, Willing And Able to Say Goodbye To Your Old Self?

….um, uh, hello (awkward)….

Old self, meet new self. New self, say goodbye to old self.

Big difference between looking “good” and being in good physical condition. Losing weight is a great start, and really the jumping off point for becoming physically active.

Becoming physically active is good, yet we all know it will never last. Not by doing the things we have in the past. But by moving forward in a new way to stay motivated.

You know this. Celebrate your Independence from your old self. Go!

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  1. Wanting so hard to get away from the old me. I still see him in the mirror every day. But transformation takes time. Just as weight/health issues/stress didn’t accumulate miraculously overnight, transformation will not happen in one day. A steady “diet” of healthy eating, proper sleep, spiritual meditation and regular exercise/activity can and will lead to a better life and, in some cases, a longer life!

    Happy Independence Day!

  2. David, press on one day and one step at a time. When you refuse to quit, you refuse to quit.
    My midlife celebration transformation began 12+ years ago.
    Remember, 1 mailbox a day.
    One day of “not at all, or everyday” at a time.
    One speech at a time.
    One blog at a time.

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