Two Major Lessons In Yesterday’s Lane 8 Blog Post

The real deal, not a replica. And earned, not acquired.

Two major lessons from yesterday’s Lane 8 blog post:

1. Amazing results happen to anyone who refuses to quit.
2. Trading my USA team jersey was difficult at first, because I had worked so hard to earn it. It was a defining moment in understanding the Olympic spirit and the beautiful appeal of The United States of America’s generosity.

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  1. When you made the trade, we’re you giving up something and then left with empty hands? I don’t think you were.

    If we focused more on the act of giving rather than the value of the return gift, we all would be better off.

  2. David, for many Olympians, it’s not only an opportunity to compete, but also an opportunity to discover International relations and learn first hand that there is just one moon and one golden sun, and a smile means friendship to every one…there’s so much that we share, that it’s time we’re aware…

  3. Agreed. We are often blinded by our culture that our way of life is the only way. We should welcome our interaction with others globally with open eyes, open hearts and open hands.

  4. Oh my . . . . I can’t believe I missed that one. I gotta brush up on music by the Sherman brothers. Oy! 😉

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