America’s Wellness Expert, jeff noel, Suggests Our Similarities Are Different

We recognize Jack the Bear, but University of Oregon's Hayward Field?

Wow, 31 days until we start a new year, 2012. America’s wellness expert, jeff noel, can’t imagine going into a new year without a clear, concise and compelling vision for personal health and fitness. The time to be thinking about New Year’s resolutions is long before January 1. You know this, right?

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  1. The business I’m in depends on these resolutions. It is my goal to help them get back on the wagon when they fall off. How am I to do this? By getting to know them more and not just have a relationship with their wallet!

  2. David, this is mission work you are doing. Truly, to help people get and stay healthy…what a gift. Perhaps the gift of life. Keep doing great work and it is so nice to see you here this early. 🙂

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