All Business Trips Have Multiple Objectives. Here Are jeff noel’s Top Three At The Senior Games

We wondered if school children saw the same unique beauty we saw.
We (mostly just jeff noel) wondered what motivated these senior athletes to never stop moving.

MidLife Celebration’s business trip to St George, Utah for the Huntsman World Senior Games had three primary objectives:

  1. To validate discern what motivates seniors to stay active
  2. To showcase jeff noel’s efforts to get & stay healthy as an over-5o adult
  3. To network with the senior health and wellness industry

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  1. Wow! Those folks are really an inspiration! I made a decision last week that all of my recreational walking is leading up to running. Got my new Adidas! Got my motivation on! Gotta 5K on April 1st. Just gotta do it.

  2. Natalie, stay healthy, have fun. That’s my advice. I’ve had way too many injuries over the decades from trying to do too much too soon. You’d think I’d learn.

  3. Thanks for the clue, Jeff. My heart and my feet want to fly — but the rest of me is saying “whoa….slow down lassie…” 🙂

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