Whistle ​while you work

Downtown Orlando
Downtown Orlando yesterday.
eat more ice cream sign
What the sign really says is, “We want to increase our revenue and the only way to do that is if you buy more stuff, more often.”

Whistle while you work.

The obvious opportunity of city life is that most everything is within walking distance.

We have walked many miles in the past 48 hours.

More miles than we walk at home.

At home, from a time-required perspective, things are close for biking or walking.

To save time, we bike rather than walk to the grocery, doctor, restaurant, and other assorted services. Biking is simply much faster.

PS. From home, i personally walk 4 miles roundtrip to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because i’m giving my running legs a multi-year break. The gym’s shortest route is 1.5 miles, so i cut through a few subdivisions to add an extra mile roundtrip. The longer route also keeps me away from the “Disney Parkway” heavy traffic noise.

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