Who told you you can’t?

Disney Epcot Spaceship Earth
Working at Epcot.


Who told you you can’t?

Seriously, who?

Do you believe you can’t be more physically fit?

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  1. Sadly and happily realizing I am one of the fastest woman on a bike on the roads in our area. Happy because it’s a WOW experience. But sad when I think to how much better I would have been in my 20s or 30s, rather than 50s.

  2. Patty, is it helping you to think about the past like that? Is ‘sad’ the right word?

    Love the ‘happily’ word choice.

    Thank goodness you started. Period.

    That’s glorious.

  3. Thank you Patty and Jeff for your positive energy. I appreciate you both. Oh and Happy Mother’s Day Patty and Jeff, please tell Cheryl the same.

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