The Art Of Pace

Fellow Runner From India
Fellow Runner From India

In running, most sports, and life, pace is a crucial factor.

Real life. There’s a runner I know that recently ran two 5k’s. He preaches pace, trains pace, delivers pace. He says pace is key.

His goal was to run the first two miles at exactly 7:00 each, and then gradually run faster the third mile, aiming for sub-22:00

First 5k mile splits:

  1. 7:00 (perfect)
  2. 7:00 (perfect)
  3. 6:40 (nice)
  4. :40
  5. 21:20 result

His other 5k was the same plan, first two miles at seven-minutes each, final mile gradually faster.

  1. 6:40 (way too fast – the adrenaline of 12,000+ runners)
  2. 6:55 (back on track – almost perfect)
  3. 6:25 (wow)
  4. :35
  5. 20:35 result

Few things more rewarding than practicing what you preach.

By jeff noel

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  1. Pace? Pace. Pace. Pace. hmmmm. Now you tell me.

    I’ve been more worried about not getting kicked in the face during the mass swim start (my first), jellyfish, water quality, and chop. For bike, speed and cadence will depend on wind conditions. For the run, i’ll be happy with whatever my legs will give me after the swim and ride.

    Did I scare you?

    Seriously, I do have a game plan for tomorrow (out of the water in less than 30 minutes, off the bike in an hour, and go as fast as possible as possible for the run). Finish in around 2:15:00, depending upon wind conditions.

  2. Sally, yeah, pace. In the small corner of the world where I live, pace is important. Not sure about the rest of the world.

    One thing that seems logical is to try to finish strong, no matter where you are or what you do.

    Finishing strong in life may simply be a great attitude about what happens next.

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