His attitude and preparation allowed him to nail it

Starting line for 1500m… two hours before the race… traffic (and heart rate) was much different by race time…

starting line

Did his midlife attitude and preparation allow him to nail it? The 50-something Baby Boomer had a mental plan:

  • 400 in 1:28 (88 sec lap)
  • 800 in 2:55 (87 sec lap)
  • 1200 in 4:20 (85 sec lap)
  • 1500 in 5:20 or better (60 sec or better final 300m)

The reality…

  • 400 in 1:24 (84 sec lap)
  • 800 in 2:51 (87 sec lap)
  • 1200 in 4:20 (89 sec lap)
  • 1500 in 5:18 (58 sec final 300m)

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  1. YAHOOOOOOO!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! (I usually reserve such enthusiasm for texts to my daughter after her races. But in this case I’ll extend from the usual audience.)

  2. Wow Patty, that’s some cheer. Thank you.
    Every athlete trying hard to stay healthy and have fun hears applause, even if it’s just the slapping of their runnings shoes against the pavement.

  3. Yes, I tend to cheer on the larger side. A lesson I learned in grad school. “Celebrate all victories, the big and small. Especially when they are not yours. ” Enjoy your day.

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