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One of the best ways to know how things are going is to keep track. That almost sounds like a Yogi Berra-ism. But it isn’t. It’s the way I think. And the way we all ought to think about our health metrics.

Some health indicators are harder to come by, like cholesterol and triglyceride screenings. But blood pressure, that’s easy. Many stores (with pharmacies) have free machines. You can check (and double check) in about two minutes. The photo is from our grocery store trip last night.

Why wouldn’t you?

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  1. Jeff, you left out one of the most important facilitators for checking at a CVS location near you……….its free with no waiting!

  2. Dude, totally took that as a given. When was the last time you saw a line at the free blood pressure check machine?

  3. Maybe they’re more accurate down there. 🙂

    I hadn’t had a physical for years. I just monitored my BP at walmart on one of those machines. Sometimes it told me that I had high-blood pressure. Sometimes I was very close.
    And truthfully, my lifestyle did support the results.

    I scheduled my first physical about 1.5 yrs ago, amidst all of these alarming walmart readings. This was before I made more healthful changes in my life. My doctor’s office (& a series of screenings for life insurance) proved the walmart readings to be waaaaay off. My blood pressure was ideal/normal.
    Now, of course, other statistics were unhealthy. But I was surprised at the range of difference between a nurse’s BP reading and those machines. Since then, I haven’t given them much weight.

    Regardless of the inaccuracy, we have made drastic changes in our lifestyle, for the better.

    But, you know what, those scary walmart readings did serve as an impetus to schedule my physical. Without those, I wouldn’t have known other things!

  4. Craig, your point is why I do it at (multiple) CVS, Publix and Winn Dixie (groceries), Wal Marts, and any other place.

    I also do it twice before I go back to shopping.

    Glad you have taken proactive steps. Keep on moving forward.

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