Thank goodness for time to decompress

Runner pain point
For posterity, yesterday’s debilitating pain point location.


Yesterday’s slow three mile jog to the High School to pick up my bicycle (from the night before) resulted in a flare up of the right calf pain from three days ago.

Was so frustrated in the moment, i was going to rearrange the whole day to accommodate storming into my Podiatrists office and demand answers – potentially firing him.

There is no justifiable reason for such a sharp pain to continue after i have repeatedly (over the years) shared my concerns and we have repeatedly run tests to find the cause. The end result is always, “Keep doing what you’re doing, everything looks fine.”

Yesterday’s pain (and Wednesday’s pain) was so severe i stopped jogging to walk the last half mile to school. The walking was painful too, like a major “charlie horse“.

Sharp pain simply in walking.

Come on.

There has to be a reason.




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