Join the ‘boy this is sure hard to stay motivated’ club

Long, gloomy, cold, lonely, quiet road
Long, gloomy, cold, lonely, quiet roads are the devil’s work


Are you struggling with finding continuous motivation and joy in your exercise or activity routine?

Join the club.

We can know something, use it, then forget it because we take it for granted, then rediscover it again.

A goal.

A goal so clear, concise, and compelling the thought of reaching it excites us and fills us with the fire to burn brightly.

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  1. Funny, I’ll take your clear, cold road… To ride my bike on a road, with grass and trees with leaves, a gift. Instead the “girl” and I meet up in the sub-freezing cold garage, usually around 8PM, for a pedaling session on the trainer. The girl being Ruby, my trust bike.

  2. Patty, for each of us, we go through seasons of motivation. Of progress and excitement, challenge and boredom.

    The clear, concise, compelling goal is the best carrot I’ve ever found.

    It is different for each of us, yet always improves our vision. 🙂

    Keep peddling.

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