Everyone Deserves Balance In Their Life

Be one. For yourself. You more than deserve it.

Bad habits unwittingly sabotage our odds for work life balance. We don’t develop bad habits on purpose. But what we accept by default becomes our standard, even if it has negative outcomes.

The most important goal then, is to reverse the process. I finally had a conversation with myself and said, “If you know this, why aren’t you changing?”

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  1. I know eating a healthy diet is best for me, but while I’m reading I love to munch on junk food: very bad habit. Normally it is not in the house. Most of the time I resist ( when holidays are around). But then there are those other times… When I have to pick myself back up and start all over. Reeducating myself on eating healthy. There is no such thing as one jelly bean – for me anyway.

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