Do 3 Things To Stay Motivated

Message from a potato chip bag in Salt lake City airport Quiznos shop…

Top 3 things to do to stay motivated:

  1. Track progress
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Play games

Next 3 days, I’ll share a few motivational tips on each.

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  1. Maybe it’s just me but a potato chip bag seems like an odd place for that message. Kinda like the tobacco companies running ads to promote quit smoking programs. Still, sometimes it’s smart to focus on the message not the messenger.

  2. Trying to learn how to be motivated and have progress. It’s funny how I never thought that I would have to keep track of my progress. Thanks for helping me get one step closer to actually doing something, Jeff.

  3. You’re welcome Meghann. It is a nice gift from God to know that this health, wellness, balance “ministry” touches others with a sense of hope.

  4. David, just last night I was talking with a student from USC (Southern Cal) about how folks are becoming part of a community through the comment sections.

    You had know idea, yet you are living proof….how cool is that?

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