The all-time biggest exercise excuse in history

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when I'm busy and/or tired from travel, I don't like it either

The all-time biggest excuse for not exercising – I don’t like doing it.

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  1. Patty, congratulations on pushing through your discomfort. This can become a positive habit when we learn to do push through most of the time.

    And I try to remember that every once in a while, the “tiredness” is my body (and spirit) to take a rest.

  2. I would have put the perceived lack of time as the number one excuse.

    I guess we find the time to do the things we like and want to do.

  3. David, if I may, can I offer a reminder that “exercise” isn’t always something I like to do or want to do. In fact, there are times when it’s less than 50% of the time (for real).

    Remember Lane 8’s underlying motto is: Dream Big. Get There. Stay There.

    The staying there is the hardest and most critical part. I mean for a lifetime.

    A lifetime.

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