Figure It Out, Right?

Exercise or Donut?
Exercise or Donut?

Time marches on. There’s no denying it. This can be exciting, or it can be debilitating. How we choose to accept it really is the key.

Very few people get to exercise and eat the way they know is optimal. Why? Because time marches on. So, the questions then narrow down to two:

  1. Give up, because it’s too difficult
  2. Keep going, because we are setting the example

Sometimes, not being able to exercise, even though you want to, is a gift. You just have to know the difference.

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  1. Jeff, today wasn’t an exercise or donut day but instead it was a exercise or rest my back day.

    When I woke up I thought there is no way I’ll be able to do my pushups and crunches…by the time I got downstairs I still wasn’t sure so I laid down on the floor to stretch….then I thought well I’ll try….before I knew it I was done and felt pretty good.

    Glad I didn’t listen to my first thoughts.

    Have a great day.

  2. Great way to start the day Skip. Nothing like getting one in the win column before breakfast. 🙂

    What I’ve been eluding too, is the fact that I’ve felt some mild pain in my right calf. Came out of nowhere and can’t name the cause.

    So, while I was “scheduled” to run yesterday, the full day of travel was a sign to simply back off and rest.

    The donut place is a famous Los Angles landmark, and is even in Disney’s Rock N Roller Coaster Attraction. We were stopped at a traffic light, otherwise I might have completely missed it.

    Can you guess where I am?

  3. Jeff,

    Through me talking about my running, a friend has decided to try it as a path to better health. We’re going to help each other.

    As a joke, I suggested that we talk about it over ice cream!

  4. Stay healthy have fun is a great motto (battle cry).

    This includes taking it slow and eating ice cream.

    It’s in the fine print, at the bottom. 🙂

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