Time for a new inventory of running shorts

USATF member price is $31. Tried to find it cheaper on Amazon…


USATF gear
Not available on Amazon. Ever.


Part of staying active is being organized with your structure and processes for allowing you to streamline your wellness efforts.

Having plenty of the optimal gear for your karma helps minimize hassles.

Bought the last four available pairs of official USATF running shorts two weeks ago.

Ideally, 10 pairs is the goal.

Recycle or trash the older 10 pairs.

Held on to the tag pictured above to remind me to look for more asap.

Today (two weeks later) is my asap.

Five more pairs magically appeared in USTF Store inventory.

Lucky me.

Note: of all the running shorts i’ve worn, these are the best for me.

You should NEVER have to scramble to find what you need to exercise.



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