Funny Things Those Resolutions

Gyms Will Be Packed the 1st Three Weeks In January
Gyms Will Be Packed the 1st Three Weeks In January

Is life really difficult, or is it just me?

We work so hard sometimes, and what do we get?


No thank you. No atta girl, or atta boy. No, “Hey, we really appreciate what you do around here”.


As you make your New Year’s Resolution for better health, be mindful of this.

And find a radical way to overcome it.

Nothing you’ve done in the past has worked.

Go for it. Be crazy creative. You deserve it. Thank you for getting prepared.

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  1. Sometimes our “atta boys” are hidden under the nothings. Gifts aren’t always what they first appear to be.

    And sometimes, like my atta girl yesterday at work, was so superficial — that the silence would have meant more…

  2. Patty, love the paradox here.
    Life is hard.
    What works one day, won’t the next.
    Guess the best we can hope for is a decent batting average.

  3. We all expect it; for it is a part of life. But we never go alone when we place ourselves in God’s hands. There’s pain. There’s heart aching disappointments, but when life is unbearable you will find the truest of blessings as well.

    Kind of reminds me of childbirth: All that pain for such a wonderful gift.

  4. Good morning Patty. Yes, we are never alone, and yes, more pain is ahead for all.
    What I observe, partially from my own temptations, is that we distract and medicate ourselves into believing the worst is over.

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