Dear Readers, Thank You

We can train ourselves to pause for important things…sunsets, our health…

How important is your health?

Thank you if you clicked through for the first time, simply because you were unaware.

You know, there are those that have clicked through from Mid Life Celebration, saw Lane 8 as a diet & exercise blog, and bailed.

Regulars and newbies, any thoughts? Maybe you see something I don’t.

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  1. My first thought was that they may not realize how efficient a pass through all 5 blogs could be.
    Then I settled in on the fact that it was probably a guilt factor.

    What motivates you (general you)?
    What drives you?
    Does guilt do it?
    Does encouragement do it?
    It’s different for everyone.

    Someone close to me tried to quit smoking and only lasted a few days. She’s bounced from job to job, and not for economic climate reasons.
    Her mom and sister quit at the same time as she did and are still going strong. Both are driven women who are doing well professionally (no excuses kind of people).
    All three have the same personalities, one just makes different choices…

  2. Hey there Craig, thanks for the testimonial on the quick pass through. You speak da trut!

    Second, interesting comparison with the 3 sisters.

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