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It Took A Month To Go Around Once
It Took A Month To Go Around Once

Ever heard the acronym, BFO?

BFO……. Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

Wanted to mention the obvious, because it may not be. Blog comments add a rich thread to the social media conversation. In fact, yesterday, David left a comment that also included a website called c25k.  It proposes that you can go from couch potato to running a sub-30 minute 5k in nine weeks.

Sound too good to be true? You’ll have to decide.

When I started running 11 years ago, I jogged, very slowly, to my neighbors mailbox that first day, and did it four more days that week. The second week, I ran past the first mailbox to the second and did that for a week. The third week, ran past the first two mailboxes to the third. Did that each day for a week. Mailboxes are 100 meters apart.

So it took one month before I was running 400 meters, the equivalent to one lap around a track. A month. Are ya with me. The second four weeks…. (to be continued).

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  1. “Are ya with me” is one of the phrases you used in our class. It got us thinking immediately and forced us to reflect on what was just said.

    So, c25k begins now. Who is with me?

  2. David, I’m with you.
    And due to focus and discipline, a bit ahead of most.
    Next goal, sub-20 minute 5k.
    Masters Track & Field National Championships in July – probably not ready.
    Masters Track & Field World Championships again in 2011.
    All from running one mailbox a day and never quitting.
    These big goals were NEVER a goal. They just started showing up, to keep the motivational fire burning.

  3. And have you noticed how your goals changed as the running became more of your routine? When we make a change in our life that alters our path, the goals get updated and change along the path.

    The focus and discipline part is what I am working . . . . SQUIRREL!

  4. Yes, and, one of the paths I followed was the path called superior motivation (from a wake-up call).
    It was a very exciting path, for a few years, and then the terrain started to change, the path got narrower, the brush thicker, the climb steeper, the air thinner and colder.
    But I was so far along in the journey that I had almost forgotten where and why I started in the first place.
    Maybe I didn’t need to follow this tough path. Maybe it was time to turn around, or find an exit to civilization.

  5. When I first started riding a bike for fitness a few years back, I don’t think I made it 1 mile. I tell all my friends (mostly non-athletes) that, when they say “no way could i EVER ride 10 miles” But they don’t believe me. No matter how hard I try to convince them. The first organized event I did was an 18 mile ride. I was SO proud to have finished it.

    Now, I not only ride 18 miles in an hour, but combine it with swimming and walking for triathlons. I’m also pondering doing a “century” or 100 mile ride.

    I tell everyone to start slowly, do what you can, be patient, increase your distance over time, and DON’T QUIT!

  6. Sally, thank you for your testimonial. We are saying the same thing.
    Dream big. Get started. Never stop.
    And by dream big, if you can not do a push, then dream of being able to do ONE!
    That’s big.
    And after you CAN do one, dream of being able to do two, even if they aren’t in a row (but are on the same day).

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