Good News, Bad News

Night Resting Foot Splints (every night)
Night Resting Foot Splints (every night)

Today, the USA Masters Track and Field Championships begin in Sacramento, California with one of the biggest fields ever. Over 1400 athletes have signed up to compete in the four day competition. As reported on the USATF website twelve Olympians and 113 reigning world champions are in the field. The athletes range from 30 to 96 years in age. There is both individual and team competition as well individual and relay events.

Unfortunately, while I scheduled vacation time back in January, to compete this week, it’s not in the cards this year.

Patience is a virtue.

And so is staying motivated.

National & World Championships are just one way.

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  1. Are those your foot splints? If so, I am sorry that there is a physical limitation to your participation in the T&F event.

    Maybe that will be motivation for you to train smarter for next year.

    As I cheered on Craig a couple of weeks ago, same goes for you. GO JEFF!

  2. Yeah man. It makes it difficult to decide if you need to draw a line. And if so, where?
    Good luck Jeff!
    Will definitely be praying for your health!
    (And thanks again David!)

  3. David, yes, like my fourth set in 10 years. plus a whole slew of other tactics. I feel a blog post coming on.

    I didn’t realize just how dedicated and focused on recovery I wasuntil I spoke with someone else with plantar fasciitis.

    There approach and my approach is like beginner vs world-class. And this is simply for a foot challenge.

  4. Craig, when I discovered that the competition is only a means to an end and not the end itself, I really started to relax and just enjoy the fact that I can run, and that the running, sure enough, is getting stronger and faster.

    I won’t be the youngest in my age group next year, I’ll be in the middle. Huge “disadvantage” for advancing past the qualifying round.

    So the goal will be the semi’s – top 24 in the world. Even at an advanced age. Bold, eh?

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