2011 World Championships?

2009 Worlds in Finland
2009 Worlds in Finland

How lofty are your health goals? How dedicated are you to achieving them? Are you committed for your lifetime?

After last years 43rd place at the Master’s Track & Field World Championships, where 7 of the 8 Americans representing the US made it to the semi-finals (I was the one that didn’t), it was very exciting to hear that the 2011 Worlds (held bi-annually) would take place on American soil.

But last week, I actually told someone that perhaps it’s too much effort, even though I’m much healthier and stronger than 2009.

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  1. Not too much for me to do. Perhaps too much for my Family?
    However, since it is part of the business, there may not be a choice.
    To create a remarkable brand, you must do something no one else is doing or do what everyone else is doing, only better.
    In nature and in business it’s the same, survival of the fittest.

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