Rest story

Note to self when an idea struck yesterday. After a couple years at Disney Institute (was there 1999-2014), i realized i never again wanted to pursue a promotion.

We know rest is critical for our physical health.

The same concept is easily, and appropriately, transferred to work.

Covid-19 is causing many to be furloughed.

Unemployed – my former colleagues at Disney – are reaping the benefit of maintaining their healthcare benefits for a year.

The downtime, absent of healthcare coverage worries, will be an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rethink their trajectory and their career ambitions.

Magic happened when, convinced i had found the perfect level of work, there was no longer a desire to climb the proverbial ladder.

The catalyst?

Noticing that none, in my opinion, of the leaders in any level above me had remarkable joy in their life.

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