One question we ought to have a good answer to everyday

Boston Marathon bombing made front page news
Boston Marathon bombing made front page news


Just one question today. In our busy-ness, did we exercise yesterday?

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  1. Ironic that we were sitting on the Disney Boardwalk when I first received a headline news report from Channel 5 in Boston then a text from a friend back home asking if I knew what happened at the race. And yes, I did exercise that day.

    We heal, grow, inch forward with life but the tragedy still hangs before us. Ringing with the forever question of Why?

  2. Patty, this events seem so senseless to victims and innocents others (society in general). To the terrorist(s), it must make sense to them.

    This is something we can not get our arms around.

    But we must carry on in spite of the event, the feelings, the uncertainty.

    And buried in today’s message is the seed of another tragedy – living life and not taking great care of our vessel (our body).

    Perhaps America’s obesity epidemic is the greatest terrorist.

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